Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga
Good Theatre Happens Here!
by Elton John and Lee Hall
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Directed by Garry Lee Posey | Music Direction by Terry Sanford | Choreography by TBA

Show opens Dec 6th, closes Dec 15th.

“The bravery of one child’s convictions leads to a family (and a town) finding their identities and their purposes.  Tolerance, acceptance, self-worth and persistence permeate this heartwarming and inspirational story of struggle.”




Billy Elliot – (young) genetically tough, aesthetically refined, needs to dance, established/confident vocal range
Michael Caffrey – (young) closeted due to community, but secure in his identity, some dance
Dad – (Older) Billy’s father, miner, weathered and worn
Tony – (18-25) Billy’s brother, miner, determined and focused


Debbie Wilkinson – (Colette Smith) Young, fiesty young girl, ballet dancer
Mrs. Wilkinson – (Older) Fiesty older girl, Ballet teacher, strong mezzo, hard and direct
Grandma – (oldest) Another feisty one, stuck her in her past, constantly trying to find her pasty, alto/mezzo


Miner 1/Mr. Braithwaite - older miner
Miner 2/Pit Supervisor - older
Miner 3/Scab/Posh Dad - middle aged
Miner 4/Big Davey - middle aged
Miner 5/Mr. Wilkinson/George - middle aged
Miner 6/Older Billy/Dancer
Miner 7/Tall Boy/Posh Boy 

Woman 1/Dead Mum/Miner 8
Woman 2/Clipboard Woman/Miner 9
Woman 3/Lesley (male)/Miner 10
Woman 4/Alison Summers/Miner 11
Woman 5/Keely Gibson/Miner 12


Angela Robson
Julie Hope
Karen Davidson
Sharon Piercy
Margaret Gormley
Tracy Atkinson
Susan Parks

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