Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga
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by Rob Smith
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Directed by Joseph Watts

Show opens Aug 2 closes Aug 11.

“DUST is a melody.  It tells the story of Lucia’s search for fulfillment in her music and her journey composing her own path in life.  Through the aches of losing her mother, struggling to breather under the weight of an overbearing father, she fights as an artist must in order to find herself in the world.”



Lucia – (Gioia Fazzani)
Maddy/Madeline – (Jennifer Bryant) 20-30s Lucia’s best friend, voice of reason, pregnant


Carver - (Bruce Shaw) 50s+ composer, stubborn, dying and perpetually mourning the loss of his wife; Lucia’s father
Ari – (Taylor Williams) 20-30s, smart, doctor, wandering eye, high school friend of Lucia.