Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga
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by Lucas Hnath
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Directed by Garry Lee Posey

Show opens April 12th, closes April 21st 2019.

​“I believe what I believe because I know it’s true. But why do I know it’s true?” For 20 years, Pastor Paul has built a mega church, with thousands in the congregation, multiple Sunday schools, and an elevator. His new doctrine of radical acceptance — complete with an open-door policy for salvation — creates a schism in his church and his home.



Pastor - (James Ogden) late 30’s - late 40’s, Long time pastor of the congregation, has found in himself that there is no hell, and wants to share these beliefs with the church. Witty, likeable, earnest.
Associate Joshua - (Zachery Green) late 20s-30s, stands up for his beliefs, no matter what the consequences. Passionate, earnest, likeable.
Elder - (Kashun Parks) 50-70, the peacekeeper and long time friend of Pastor Paul. On the church Board.


Wife - (Casey Keelen) 34-45, dedicated and disturbed. There’s a big choice that her husband made without her, and one that she does not agree with. Powerful, loving, conflicted.
Congregant Jenny (Ashley Burkhart) “I feel lost.” Confused and concerned about the ramifications, spiritually, of the radical belief change Pastor Paul is leading the church.

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