Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga
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by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis
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Directed by Ryan Laskowski | Musical Direction by Colby Jones | Stage Manager: Eva Fournier

Show opens June 14th, closes June 22st 2019.

“The not so good people at the Urine Good Company manage the many meager amenities available to the people of our city.  Urinetown tackles concepts like populism, corporate greed, resource scarcity and criminal justice with unbridled humor and near positivity.  It sheds light on the flaws of both Capitalism and Socialism, reminding us that the “Bigger Picture” often has many angles, and those angles are not always flattering.”


Bobby Strong – (Cody Keown) 20s, tenor; Malnourished, Weathered, Charming with a revolutionary spirit
Caldwell B. Cladwell – (Bruce Shaw) 50s+, baritone; Quintessentially Scrooge, alarming and terrifying
Officer Lockstock – (Richard Nicoles) A witty, no-nonsense pillar of a community, the narrator
Officer Barrell – (Joel Sanchez) Lockstock’s sidekick, the Abbot to his Costello (or vice versa)

Hope Cladwell (Megan Cobb) 20s, belty Soprano; well fed and dainty, large heart
Penelope Pennywise (Emma Collins) 50s+, Hulky and formidable, tender and loving
Little Sally (Taryn Bracher), 9, played by an adult, small, loud, urchin


Mr McQueen/Hot Blades Harry (Garry Lee Posey) 40+
Dr. Billeux/Executive/Cop (Gabriel Bailey) 

Senator Fipp (Kashun Parks) able to imitate a recognizable US Senator
Tiny Tom/Jacob Rosenbloom (Noah Phillips) child

Soupy Sue (Makayla Pippin) 20s-40s
Josephine “Old Woman” Strong/Old Man (Marianna Allen) 40s+
Little Becky Two Shoes (Kimberlin Lacy) 20s-30s

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